“Do you love Me?

Feed My Sheep….

Caring for ALL that GOD has given us”


Within the next two weeks you will be receiving your Eparchial Appeal Letter Package in the mail, which will contain detailed information on the various Eparchial Ministries and Programs supported by the 2018 Annual Eparchial Appeal.


Thanks to your generosity, prayers and kind support in the last three years, the Appeal has raised just under $600,000 to fund Eparchial Ministries which are crucial to the growth and preservation of Ukrainian Catholic Church and faith.


The 2018 goal is to raise $200,000 to support the Eparchial Ministry programs and needs as identified through the Sobor document.  Hopefully and prayerfully you will find it in your heart to support the 2018 Annual Eparchial Appeal.


Bishop Budka Eparchial Stewardship

Society Inc (BBESSI). www.bbessi.org


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