“Let Us Share the Gifts that We have been Given.”

THANK YOU, for your continued and generous support of the 2023 Annual Eparchial Appeal. Your contribution will be making a significant difference and serves as a powerful witness of our God’s love and mercy. Your gifts are allocated towards religious education programs, clergy support and education, communication services and Chancery office support. If you have not yet made your pledge, please prayerfully consider donating a one-time gift, or a pledge spread over several months.  Please join us, your Ukrainian Catholic community, as we combine our gifts to God’s hidden treasure of faith.

Today we will feature the Chancery Office support, one of the initiatives funded by the 2023 Annual Eparchial Appeal.  Over the past number of years, the Eparchy’s sources of revenues have either decreased or have been eliminated. The amount of Cathedraticum revenue, which is based on Sunday collections at Parish churches, has decreased because membership in our Eparchy has been steadily decreasing over the years which has resulted lower attendance at Sunday Liturgies. In addition, post-COVID attendance has not come back to the pre-COIVID levels. The grant funding that the Eparchy enjoyed in previous years from various organizations, like the Catholic Missions in Canada, have also been decreased.  The Eparchy has been served notice that future grant funds may not even be available.  Therefore, the Eparchy must now seek other sources of revenue to ensure the continuation and sustainability of programs and services such as Covenant of Care, management of Eparchial archives, managing the inventory of sacred items and much more.   Donations to the Annual Eparchial Appeal is one way the Faithful of the Eparchy can help.

In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus told His listeners a parable about a wealthy man who left three servants in charge of substantial sums of money. To each one, he gave the instruction, “Put this money to work until I come back”. This important parable illustrates the value God places on stewarding properly and faithfully the resources that He gives those who trust in Him. We, like the servants, have been entrusted with substantial resources, and have been instructed to “put this to work until I come back.” Please join us, your Ukrainian Catholic community, as we combine our gifts to God’s hidden treasure of faith.

Did you know that there is more than one way to give to the Annual Eparchial Appeal?  You can:

  • Make a one-time gift.
  • Make a pledge and spread out your pledge over 12 (or less) monthly payments.
  • Have your donation matched by your company with a Corporate Matching Gift
  • Online donations using the QR code which links directly to the UCFSask website.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Eparchial Appeal or the Foundation itself, please contact the Foundation Office at 306-653-0138, ext 223.

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