Over the past number of years, the Eparchy’s sources of revenue have either decreased or have been eliminated. The amount of Cathedraticum revenue, which is based on Sunday collections at Parish churches, has decreased because membership in our Eparchy has been steadily decreasing over the years which has resulted lower attendance at Sunday Liturgies. In addition, post-COVID attendance has not come back to the pre-COIVID attendance. The grant funding that the Eparchy enjoyed in previous years from various organizations, like the Catholic Missions in Canada, have also been decreased.  The Eparchy has been served notice that future grant funds may not even be available.  Therefore, the Eparchy must now seek other sources of revenue to ensure the continuation of programs and services such as Covenant of Care, management of Eparchial archives, managing the inventory of sacred items and much more.  As indicated by the Eparchial Chancellor, Father Ivan Nahachewsky, “Financial constraints have led us to make some very difficult and emotional decisions concerning the operation of the Eparchy. We find ourselves needing to discover new ways to dedicate ourselves and to love deeper to ensure we do not lose our faith and our identity”.  Donations to the Annual Eparchial Appeal is one way the Faithful of the Eparchy can help.


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