Week #2: 2021 Annual Eparchial Appeal

April 17th/18th, 2021

“Give & it will be given unto you”
(Luke 6:38)

Our 2021 Annual Eparchial Appeal journey begins today with the presentation of the Eparchial Appeal Video.  The video depicts how the Eparchial Ministries and programs supported by the Annual Eparchial Appeal will provide significant benefits and enrich the lives of the people in our Eparchy, including people in your Parish. Your support is so critical to the ensure that these programs and initiatives are sustainable and continued to be offered into the future.

If your Parish is not able to show the video in the Church, we invite to view the Eparchial Appeal Video from the comfort of your home.  Access to the video is provided on the Ukrainian Catholic Foundation website at www.ucfsask.org.

Your Annual Eparchial Appeal Letter Package should have arrived in the mail.  This package will contain detailed information on the various Eparchial ministries and programs supported by the 2021 Appeal. As it has in the last five years, your gift to the 2021 Appeal will make a significant difference and will serve as a powerful witness of our God’s love and mercy.

If you wish to donate online through the Foundation’s website, please scan the QR code with your mobile device to link you directly to our website.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Eparchial Appeal or the Foundation itself, please contact the Foundation Office at 306-653-0138, ext 223.

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