Week #1: Kickoff to 2021 Annual Eparchial Appeal
April 10 & 11, 2021

“Give & it will be given unto you”
(Luke 6:38)

This weekend marks the kick-off to our 2021 and 6th Annual Eparchial Appeal. The Appeal will run April 10th/11th to May 22nd/23rd.

Our theme for this year is “GIVE & it will be GIVEN unto YOU”. We already know that our Ukrainian Catholic Faithful in our Eparchy indeed give generously in all aspects of their life. We are humbly and respectfully asking you to share a small portion of the fruits of your labor to help promote our Faith and our Ukrainian Catholic Church in Saskatchewan. As in past years, the funds raised in the 2021 Annual Eparchial Appeal will go towards funding the costs of the programs offered through our Eparchial Ministries, St. Matthews Clergy Society and the Bishop Roborecki Foundation.

Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to learn more about our Eparchial Ministries and how they contribute to create Vibrant Parishes as a place to encounter the Living Christ.  Next week the 2021 Annual Eparchial Appeal Video will demonstrate just how important it will be to earn your support of the Appeal and the Eparchial Ministries programs.

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