2021 Annual Appeal – Pre-Appeal Message


In Matthew’s Gospel (28:19) Jesus tells us to “Go, therefore, make disciples of all the nations”.  The Eparchial Ministries are just one of the tools that we have at our disposal to help us “make disciples”, and to help us to nurture, grow and preserve our faith in the Ukrainian Catholic Church and to make our parishes vibrant.

The future sustainability of these Eparchial Ministries is dependent on a fundraising effort through the Annual Eparchial Appeal. Most of the programs offered through the Eparchial Ministries cannot be offered by individual Parishes because of limited resources, both financial and human. That is why it is so critical that the Faithful of our Eparchy continue to collectively ensure that the Eparchy can provide these Eparchial Ministry programs by supporting the Annual Eparchial Appeal.

Thanks to your generosity, prayers and your kind support over the past six years, the Eparchial Appeal has been successful in raising just over $876,000 to fund Eparchial Ministries. Thank you for helping to strengthen our families. Thank you for helping to form and nurture missionary disciples. Thank you for helping to empower, train and mentor our youth.  Thank you for helping to promote the protection of life and God-given dignity for each and every human person.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundation was compelled to cancel the 2020 Annual Eparchial Appeal.  We are, however, going full speed ahead with the 2021 Annual Eparchial Appeal.  The 2021 Annual Eparchial Appeal will kick off on the April 10th weekend when detailed information regarding the Appeal will be presented.

Within the next two weeks you will be receiving your Eparchial Appeal Letter Package in the mail, which will contain detailed information on the various Eparchial Ministries and Programs supported by the 2021 Annual Eparchial Appeal, and how these will help us to “make disciples”.

Now more than ever, it is so important to feed the spiritual needs of all the people. Please consider your support of the 2021 Annual Eparchial Appeal. Your generosity will be rewarded in many ways as is implied by our theme “Give & it will be Given unto You!”

Our 2021 Annual Eparchial Appeal runs from April 11th to May 23rd. Follow all the details and updates at

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