The Ukrainian Catholic Foundation of Saskatchewan (UCFSask) is now considering applications for grants from the Grant Fund Program. The Foundation is looking for applications from Parishes/Missions and approved Eparchial Organizations for projects/initiatives that align with the Foundation’s mission and purpose. In addition, grant allocations will also be guided by the recommendations for action from the Eparchial 2014 SOBOR Document – The Vibrant Parish.

To receive this grant money, Parishes/Missions or Eparchial Organizations will be required to complete a grant application form.  The application form is available under the “Grant” tab on the Foundation’s website at More detailed information concerning the grant fund, and the criteria under which grants will be considered is also available under the “Grants” tab on the website.

Parishes/Missions or Eparchial Organizations wishing to apply for a grant should complete and submit their “grant application form”, to the Foundation Office by 5:00pm November 30, 2020.

If more information or clarification is required, please contact the Foundation office at: (306) 653-0138, ext 223 or email at or go to our website at where the criteria for grant funding and the grant application form is located under the “GRANTS” caption.

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