Annual-Eparchial-Appeal-Heading-300x1452016 EPARCHIAL APPEAL SUCCESSFUL

The 2016 Second Annual Eparchial Appeal has now been concluded.  The funds raised during the 2016 Appeal will go a long way towards the support of our Eparchial Ministries.

The BBESSI Board of Directors would like to acknowledge the efforts of the many people involved with the 2016 Eparchial Appeal, and say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU” to everyone who contributed to making it a success. To: Bishop Bryan and the Parish Priests for their support, assistance and encouragement; the Parish Eparchial Appeal Coordinators for all your time, significant effort and commitment to the Appeal initiative; to Chris Pidwerbeski, Eparchial Communication Coordinator for her work on our website and our Office Administrator, Iris Owchar, for her coordination, processing and administrative effort. But most importantly, our sincerest and heartfelt gratitude goes to all those Parishioners who saw fit to be so generous in your financial support of the 2016 Appeal.













The Board is extremely pleased at the success and commitment from the Faithful of our Eparchy to the Annual Eparchial Appeal.  The Annual Eparchial Appeal is a very important fundraising initiative for the Eparchy.  It allows the Eparchy to not only continue to deliver the important Eparchial Ministries, but it also allows it to grow and initiate other Ministries that will be beneficial to the Faithful of our Eparchy.

We, the Faithful, have been charged with the mission by Jesus himself to “go forth, make disciples of all nations”. The Eparchial Ministries are designed to help all of us in this mission we are called to accomplish.  Your support of the Annual Eparchial Appeal is crucial in the Eparchy’s commitment to offer these Ministries.  We are, therefore, most grateful that you have chosen to support the 2016 Eparchial Appeal and thank you for recognizing the importance of your donation to help sustain and support our Eparchial Ministries and the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Saskatchewan.  May God bestow upon you His Grace and many blessings.

We are hopeful that we can call on you again to be just as generous for the 2017 Eparchial Appeal, which will be conducted during the April/May 2017 timeframe. We will continue to stand together in faith and hope for our Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Morris Smysnuik
President, BBESSI Board of Directors

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